I’ve spent an entire career in technology, specializing in IT governance and operations, have enjoyed dining in restaurants around the world, and have raised 2 or 4 kids depending on how you counMy professional picturet.

Everything on this site is intended to share a perspective.   I have this concept in business of the unvarnished truth…we tell it as we see it.

A little about me.  I’m originally from Cleveland, OH and have resided outside Boston for 30 years (except one year where I made a wrong turn and lived in Boca Raton, Fl.)  I graduated from Case Institute of Technology of Case Western Reserve University. 

I’ve always been in technology….whether:

  • Consulting for Ernst & Whinney (Young) or International Management Services
  • Running data centers and partnering programs for (office products) consumer goods manufacturing at Avery Dennison
  • Overseeing communications and data centers for office products retailers Office Depot and Staples
  • Overseeing financial services data center operations and data center expansions for Fidelity Investments and Wellington Management Company, and DR/BCP at Fidelity Management and Research.
  • Consulting to leading hosting providers and financial services firms at Harvard Partners or Kelley & Kelley, Inc.

A friend says I need an “informal” pictureFrom a technology perspective, I’m fortunate to associate with some of the best in the business.

My restaurant reviews are based on my preferences, and are influenced by quality, ambiance, value and my mood.   They are meant to be what I would tell friends, not an academic analysis.

When it comes to kids, I have two by “blood”, and they’ve approved my writing this blog (onHere’s me working late at night. It looks a little bit like a lighthouse, doesn’t it? August 14, 2011 at 7:30PM in Waltham MA.)  The other two were under the same roof on and off for ten years, and were indistinguishable from the other two in my care.

My personal goals are to honest in my opinions, funny when I can be (and this often gets me in trouble) and loyal.

By all means, weigh in on the posts here.  Present support or alternative views.  I’m fine, well, I encourage a good debate.  Please keep it honest and clean.

When you want to talk personally, please reach out.

Thanks. Gary L Kelley